1. Maybe I’ll start using tublr, again.

    I got the app. ;) haha. That’s no guarantee though. I’ll probably just get bored of it.

  2. Pretty sure you've always wanted to see me naked.. Well.. I'm feeling pretty adventurous today so go to datelink6[dot]com (switch [dot] with .) then sign up and find my profile under the username 'lolsummer69'. I hid my face in the pictures. but I want you to guess who I am and then hit me up on Facebook lol. Good luck.

    lololololol probs not.

  3. Youre so lucky...you get to go to Europe and Scotland...:P

    i know! :) it’s so great over here, although there isnt much left to see. ive been here before xD

  4. NEWS

    So, going to Scotland or a month, taking a Europe trip and using my grammas house in Scotland as a home base. I was gunna go this alone, but now my ex ex boyfriend is coming, so I won’t be alone. To be honest, I don’t know if we’re just friends or not. BUT WHATEVER! going to fuckin’ Europe again, but this time with someone I’ll have fun with :D LOL that’s all.

  5. i actually miss u soo much <3

    actually miss you so much too, shawty. :(


    I called you “shawty”.

    IM FUNNY! :)

  6. stay fly or die: watch porn, get high

  7. WOW.

    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. He wants me back now. FML. I hate people. :)

  8. Goodbye.

    We said goodbye. It will probably be the final goodbye. There’s no more love, I don’t care what you say. We’re done, you made that clear, and that means that you can’t say that you love me, hold my hand, kiss me, or call me cute. If we’re done, we’re done. I’m going to miss you, but if we are still friends, then I don’t know if I’ll be able to just let you go. It’s like a part of me is gone. You said that once you fall in love, there’s no falling back out. Now I’m in love with two people that I won’t ever get another chance with. You and him (him doesn’t need to be named, he knows who he is). We just said our final goodbye, and it hurt. I didn’t cry, but it hurt. Our final goodbye means that we will never be us again. We might still talk, and even though you said in a few months you might try again, I know it won’t happen. I’m in love with two people that I’ll never get back, and I’ll never forget them. I’ve loved him for a year, and even though we were together, I didn’t stop. I couldn’t. I’m never going to find anyone who will make me that happy or that I will love that much again. I can love you as a friend, but not him. He’s always on my mind. 24/7. I can’t stop. You’ve been a good friend, and thank you for the memories. You’re a friend. He isn’t. He’s more than a friend. This is the most confusing thing going on in my life, but I somehow love two people. I just love one in a different way. I love you as a friend, and I love you as a person. I love him as a partner, and I could probably wait my whole life for him. In summary, I love you but I love him more. I don’t know how else to put it. Goodbye.

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